Our Services

We offer complex advertising services, through which we can provide full service advertising, from photographing, through video, graphic design, web design and creation of web pages to the production of printed and other promotional materials.

If you choose to utilize all of the services offered, our collaboration could look like this:

  1. Photographer takes professional photos of your products (rooms, services, activities, ...)
  2. Based on edited photographs, we will prepare a graphic design for brochures, flyers or any other promotional materials, which you plan to use to address your customers.
  3. Brand new modern photos serve us very well for the design of your new website.
  4. Since your product (service) serves primarily the needs of your customers, we will film a fun video that will present your product while reflecting its purpose, potential and utilization.
  5. Advertising brochure is now ready and we just supervise its printing quality.
  6. After work, here comes the fun; we will meet you at your corporate sports event, which we'll organize for you.

Admittedly, we also offer services individually, tailored to your needs and to a particular setting. However, a complex advertising solution helps to progress your company best.